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Tips for Travelling To Ben En National Park


Ben En National Park currently attracts both local and international tourists. If you have a chance to visit this place, the majestic beauty of living creatures will totally glamor you. This article shows some useful experience for your best upcoming journey to Ben En National Park.

Some attractive destinations in Ben En National Park

1. Primitive Forest in Ben En National Park

Located about 36 kilometers to the southwest of Thanh Hoa City, this is one of the greatest places you should not skip when visiting Thanh Hoa. Its area is around 15000ha. However, one-half of them are still the unspoiled forest.

Coming to Ben En forest, you seem to lose your way in a maze with no escape. There are only conifer trees with numerous endangered species around. You can easily see an animal in the Red List living in this place. That is why you should prepare some anti-insect cream and other necessary things to have a safe trip.

2. Ngoc Cave

Tourists can see the hundreds-year-old ironwood in Ngoc Cave. This place attracts many interests because of the spiritual value it keeps. Locals here believe that if you use water in Ngoc Cave’s fall for taking bath, you can wash all dirt and bad things.

Moreover, tourists can discover the mysterious beauty inside or experience the peaceful air in Song Muc Lake. Apart from these spots, you can experience such places as Doi Cave, Xuan Thai Cave or Hai Van Mount, etc.

Specialties in Ben En National Park


Tourists should enjoy some special cuisines in this place. Tenches caught in Song Muc Lake are a specialty that many travelers loved. Each ranges from 30kg to 40kg in weight. Locals can use these fish to create different dishes. Then, they can use them with a special alcohol in Vietnam.

In addition to, tourists should enjoy the bitter soup, a special food in Thanh Hoa. People cook chicken with the bitter leaves and chili. This soup contains the unique flavor of Thanh Hoa. It must be the best to experience by your own.

Recreational Services

Since this forest contains a lot of trees with spacious areas, tourists usually come to Ben En National Park to stay overnight and join all activities of ethnic people. You can also see other interesting things as fishing, cruising canoes, etc. Today, this place has been an international tourist area in Vietnam.

All interesting places in Ben En National Park can attract many tourists who have not visited this destination yet. If you have a long holiday, let’s spend it on visiting this place. Definitely, you can experience its unspoiled and mysterious beauty.

We hope that all above tips for traveling to Ben En National Park can provide you the most interesting information. They are necessary to your upcoming trip. This interesting place contains a wonderful landscape with numerous mysterious things waiting for your discovery. Do not miss the chance for visiting right now. Let us know if you need more information.